Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Millions of yearly views make this state agency website critically important.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) — This website was a massive project. Built primarily in Joomla with lots of custom coding and programming, the site contains the equivalent of thousands of pages — all of which I needed to revisit, revise, and recode from its predecessor website.

Division of Wildlife Resources website

The website receives over 14 million unique visits each year, making it the agency's primary method of connecting with the public on wildlife-related issues. In addition to disseminating rules and regulations that govern hunting and fishing in Utah, the website is the agency's portal for selling hunting and fishing licenses — the DWR's primary source of operating revenue.

Unfortunately, the DWR failed to carry over the design to other web applications that comprise portions of the site, such as their interactive maps and e-commerce pages. You can lead clients to water, but you can't always get them to drink.

DWR website pages
DWR website pages
DWR website pages