Adobe Stock’s 2022 creative trends

A new year brings Adobe Stock’s predictions for the future.

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Adobe Stock's predictions for 2022 include increased attention to "Heritage Craft," like the image above from their video.


EACH NEW YEAR brings with it a list of design trend observations and predictions. From Logo Lounge's logo trends to Pantone's color of the year (this year, it's a color they've named Very Peri), companies market themselves using the pretext of supposedly authoritative predictions. Whether or not these observations are accurate and meaningful is probably beside the point; they get media attention, which is what matters.

Not to be outdone in the future-prediction business, Adobe Stock has come up with their list of design trend predictions for the coming year based on trends they've noticed in the stock industry. According to Adobe Stock, 2022 is a year for optimism. Let's hope they're right.

MOTION TRENDS — Metaverse Mix, Dimensional Delights, Copy and Captions, and Get Moving

VISUAL TRENDS — In the Groove, Prioritize Our Planet, Powerfully Playful, and The Centered Self

DESIGN TRENDS — Soft Pop, Heritage Craft, New Naturalism, and Otherworldly Visions

Another trend I’ve noticed is Adobe’s increasingly shallow, glitzy, youth-oriented marketing. They seem to have given up on both substance and anyone over the age of 29. This trend is troubling and doesn't reflect well on Adobe, but that's probably a subject for another blog post.

If you want to learn more about Adobe Stock's 2022 trend predictions, here's their short video.

Cory Maylett

Cory Maylett

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