Qi typeface

A new interpretation of an Art Deco typefaces in both upper and lowercase

Available for purchase at MyFonts and Fontspring.

Qi is a family of six Art Deco typefaces. Each font contain all the European characters, diacritical marks, numerals, punctuation and other glyphs that should be expected in any good font. Each style comes in both OpenType, TrueType and web type versions.


People keep asking me how to pronounce Qi and where I got the name. I'm not sure of the pronunciation — I don't think I've tried to pronounce it. I mostly chose the name because I liked the way the uppercase Q and the lowercase i looked together. I suppose you're free to pronounce it any way you might like.

Qi family examples

My inspiration for Qi's design stems from letters on an old sign in my hometown pictured below. I've never been able to identify the typeface, so I decided to take those few letters, make refinements and expand what's there into an entire type family. I know it sounds like the apocryphal story of how typeface revivals come about, but in this case, I have evidence.

Manti Lumber sign