Odds & ends

Odds & ends

Other bits and pieces that didn’t conveniently fit elsewhere

Outdoor Adventure Days — The Division of Wildlife Resources held an annual public festival at their outdoor shooting range in the western part of Salt Lake City. It gave families the opportunity to ride 4-wheelers, do a little fishing, shoot some arrows and, in general, have fun.

The brochure needed to reflect the dusty, less-than-polished personality of the range while branding that lack of polish as an attribute.

Outdoor Adventure Days brochure

Wedding announcement — The photo below is of an announcement I designed and made by hand to announce the wedding of my wife and I. We mailed around 50 of them from Hawaii and surprised everyone with the unexpected news. Print Magazine chose to include it in their Print Regional Annual.

Wedding announcement

Stop the Mussels — Quagga mussels are small freshwater mussels native to rivers emptying into the Black Sea. With no natural predators in North America, their populations exploded in the Great Lakes destroying fisheries and clogging water distribution pipes. As infestations of these mussels began moving west, Utah decided to do something about it. With a huge public relations and enforcement campaign targeting boaters, quagga mussels have only managed to infest Utah's Lake Powell. The billboard and brochure below are part of that campaign.

No mussels billboard
No mussels billboard
No mussels brochure