Books & booklets

I've always enjoyed working on multi-page and multi-edition publications.

Community Fishing Booklets — These booklets were designed to promote and provide information about a community fishing program run by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. The program consisted of city ponds scattered around the state where people — especially children — could easily get to and fish after school, after work or on weekend afternoons.

Community Fishing booklet
Community Fishing booklet

Niels Bohr and Texas fishing (below) — What do a Danish physicist and Texas fishing have in common? Not much as far as I can tell. The book covers do, however, provide a glimpse into how my work is not limited to just one style or subject matter. The first was designed to have bookstore shelf appeal to science-minded readers of serious biographies. The second was intended as a series of branded publications designed to attract the attention of anglers at Walmart.

Fishing Boulder Mountain (below) — Utah's mountain backcountry has great fishing opportunities. One of the more hidden and remote places are the lakes scattered around on the slopes of Boulder Mountain in southern Utah.

This booklet is a guide to fishing those hidden lakes, the fish that are in each and how they're being managed by the state. The challenge was how best to present the tabular data in an easy-to-understand format. For what it's worth, the Division of Wildlife Resources couldn't keep these booklets in stock — they were gone soon after they were printed. I just happen to have a free PDF of the booklet to download.

Fishing Boulder Mountain booklet

Outdoor book series — The book covers below are part of a series I designed while working at Amazing Outdoors and Utah Outdoor magazine. We recruited various local authors with expertise on outdoor recreations subjects, like camping and fly fishing, then gave them a chance to write down everything they knew.

Each book was part of a series, so each book needed to look similar to the others without looking identical. I think we achieved a nice balance between the two. I'd love to design more books and publications, so if anyone has a few hundred dollars to spend... (hint, hint).

Outdoor book series

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Marketing Proposal

I led the communication and marketing team efforts at the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) for several years.

As a self-initiated project, I developed a marketing proposal for the agency. It was meant to accomplish three main objectives: (1) Better engage agency target audiences, (2) eliminate marketing and license sales inefficiencies, and (3) implement more effective marketing strategies and procedures. The plan was presented to the agency's leadership.

Combined, these recommendations would have conservatively added two to three million dollars to the agency's bottom line each year while improving public engagement. Regrettably, the agency was uninterested.

You be the judge. Download a PDF of the DWR marketing proposal.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources marketing proposal