Albireo typeface

A condensed typeface for those times when you have more to say than space to say it in.

Albireo promo

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WITH 42 WEIGHTS spread across three separate widths, this mega type family was 18 months in the making — taking up a good many of my evenings and weekends.

Most of my typefaces grew out of a need for specific headlines or logos using typefaces that didn't exist. I would draw the letters by hand and, over time, turn them into complete fonts. Albireo is no exception, but rather than being just a one-off typeface for a particular project, I've used it extensively for many different projects needing a modern, condensed sans-serif.

Albireo examples

Below is an example of Albireo I used for a window installation at the University of Utah's Sorensen Arts and Education Building.

University of Utah College of Education Window
SPACE newspaper page

Just in case you're wondering, Albireo is a fifth-magnitude double star in the constellation Cygnus. On a dark night, away from city lights, it's barely visible as a single point of light. Despite its unassuming naked-eye appearance, a telescope quickly reveals its hidden beauty. One of the component stars is bright orange and the other a brilliant blue.

I chose the typeface name as a reference to the newspaper feature page headline I needed way back in the predesktop publishing days of the mid-1980s that prompted me to draw the first five letters: S P A C E. In the unlikely event of you having a 1984–85 Society of Newspaper Design Design Award Competition Annual, you'll see it on page 133.