Pamphlets & brochures

Booklets, pamphlets and brochures have been a mainstay of graphic designers since, well, forever.

Utah Lake brochure

Utah Lake Access — This eight-panel, accordion-fold brochure was commissioned by several government agencies with recreational interests in Utah Lake. The brochure provides small boat owners and anglers with access point information to the state's second largest lake. Given the watery nature of where this map might be used, we printed it on synthetic, water-resistent YUPO paper.

Utah Lake brochure

Outdoor Adventure Days — Each year for, the Division of Wildlife Resources sponsored an outdoor event at their, um, rustic outdoor shooting range property — The Lee Kay Center — on Salt Lake Valley's west. The event was a two- or three-day affair that gave families the opportunity to practice their shooting skills, ride 4-wheelers, do a little fishing, shoot some arrows and, in general, have fun.

The combination promotional brochure, program and event map needed to reflect the dusty, not-quite-polished nature of the event. I think it did the job. The event was reasonably well-attended, but the resources required to pull it off made it problematic. It as discontinued after three years.

Outdoor Adventure Days brochure

Community Fishing brochures — The accordion-foldouts below were designed to promote and provide information about a community fishing program run by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. The program consisted of city ponds scattered around the state where people — especially children — could easily get to and fish after school, after work or on weekend afternoons.

Community Fishing booklet
Bryce flyer