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Ten things your design instructor didn't mention

So you thought your fancy new diploma meant that you were all set to go. Right? Think again.

Colored pencils

Four years and many thousands of dollars later, you got what you wanted — a great design education from a top-notch school. You've done everything right, and it's time to make your mark on the world. But wait, the professional world is turning out to be different from school. What happened?

Many former students have difficulty adjusting to the realities of work. All too often the skills and talents that lead to good school grades don't translate all that well into immediate...

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Staying current with technology

If you don't keep up, plan on being left behind..

Designer artifacts

Paasche airbrushes, Castell pens, French curves, orange triangles and various other obsolete bits of yesterday's technology fill a couple of my flat file drawers. I'll likely never use these tools again, but I still keep them as souvenirs from the past. I've lived though at least two big technological transitions that ended or stalled out some design careers while providing...

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