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Ely Rounded examples

Ely Rounded

Available for purchase at Fontspring and MyFonts.

Smooth, shapely and modern without a trace of fat, Ely Rounded is a seductively handsome devil without the attitude. This versatile typeface wears a tie at the office, but keeps a pair of sneakers and a beach volleyball in the car.

Ely Rounded examples

Ely Rounded is a family of five weights plus matching italics. I have plans for thin and black weights in the months ahead.

Each weight includes extended language support for European, Cyrillic and Greek. OpenType features include fractions, tabular and proportional figures plus a few ligatures thrown in for good measure. This is a typeface that works well from text sizes to billboards, and is equally at home in print or on the web.

Ely Rounded examples

Future updates of purchased Ely Rounded fonts are, of course, free. Buy the full set and receive yet-to-be-released weights at no charge — even as the price of that growing full package increases.