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Albireo main art


A condensed typeface for those times when you have more to say than space to say it in.

Available for purchase at Fontspring and MyFonts.

With 42 weights spread across three separate widths, this mega type family was 18 months in the making — taking up a good many of my evenings and weekends.

Most of my other typefaces grew out of various graphic design projects. I needed headlines in typefaces that didn't exist, so I drew the letters by hand and, over time, turned them into complete fonts. As well-built as they might be, they've tended to be specialized faces for jobs that have needed specific personalities. Consequently, they haven't made it into my personal go-to type library.

Albireo is different. While designing it, I've also been using it extensively for all kinds of different projects needing a modern-looking, condensed sans-serif. I'm hoping you will find it just as useful.

Albireo examples
SPACE newspaper page

Just in case you're wondering, Albireo is a fifth-magnitude double star in the constellation Cygnus. On a dark night, away from city lights, it's barely visible as a single point of light. Despite its unassuming naked-eye appearance, a telescope quickly reveals its hidden beauty. One of the component stars is bright orange and the other a brilliant blue.

I chose the typeface name as a reference to the newspaper feature page headline I needed way back in the predesktop publishing days of the mid-1980s that prompted me to draw the first five letters: S P A C E. In the unlikely event of you having a 1984–85 Society of Newspaper Design Design Award Competition Annual, you'll see it on page 133.