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WHILE ALWAYS AIMING to make every project I take on look great, my approach has always been that the aesthetics of any design should support its function. In other words, the goal of good design is helping clients achieve their objectives while also conveying an impression quality.

Understanding both client goals and the target audience is an essential prerequisite to any successful design strategy. For 25 years, I've used this approach to solve communication, marketing and design problems for employers and freelance clients.

I've worked at advertising agencies, been the design director and an editor at a Utah daily newspaper and served as the creative director for an outdoor media company. Today, in my role as leading the communication, marketing and creative efforts for a major state government agency, I continue to use a combination of creative and analytical methods to design solutions that resonate with target audiences to achieve meaningful results.

Throughout my career in Salt Lake City, I have maintained an intentionally small clientele of my own on the side. It keeps my skills honed, and I enjoy the varied work. If you need a strategic, results-oriented approach to design problems, I can help. You'll be working directly with me and will get the full benefit of my extensive experience. I don't accept every job, but if you have something interesting, please send me a note — I'd like to help.

— Cory Maylett